How to develop your faculties of sensory exteriorization and astral travelling

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There are three theories that attempt to explain the phenomenon of astral travelling:

1. Exteriorization of sensory perceptions creating an illusion of astral travelling.

2. Illusory astral travelling - consciousness is somehow projected to a location where the senses perceive it to be.

3. The subtle body actually separates from the physical body, which remains where it is, in a state of complete unconsciousness.

My own personal experience tends to confirm the first theory. During sessions when I practiced mental projection, I have seen objects or people whom I wanted to touch or grasp, disappear. These objects or persons were obviously mental constructions, created by my own mind, based on paranormal sensory information.

Whatever the explanation (it could be a combination of all three theories), the ability to project your consciousness outside of your body is a faculty that can be developed.

What conditions are required to produce the phenomenon?

1. Entering the alpha state. Reports are conclusive: a state between waking and sleep is highly conducive to astral travelling. Here's what one astral traveler has to say:

Mrs. S.: "Usually when I leave my body I'm in a state of semi-consciousness, somewhere between being awake and being asleep. Sometimes I get the feeling I'm living in two worlds at the same time. I can see my body stretched out on the bed, and hear voices both in the real world, and in the world my subtle body is inhabiting."

2. Gradual exteriorization of the senses. Yoga provides an excellent method for doing this. You start by concentrating on your feet and calves, focussing on the sensations in these parts of your body. Then you direct your awareness upward, imagining that your energy body is able to separate itself from your physical body and float above it. As you do this you no longer feel any sensations in your feet or calves. Repeat the process, focussing on other parts of your body, until you reach your neck, at which point you will feel your energy body flooding into your head, like a torrent racing through the narrow opening of your throat. You will then feel your consciousness escaping out the top of your head. When it is completely free, it can be sent anywhere you desire.

Communicating and explaining this kind of purely subjective process is difficult - you have to experience a mental voyage firsthand in order to really understand what it's like.

The yoga technique seems to be similar to the natural mechanism which triggers the phenomenon of astral travelling, since descriptions of spontaneous occurrences begin in more or less the same way.

"First my feet, then my legs became numb, as if the life had gone out of them. I felt like I was being pulled upward, head first."

3. Positive formulations. Some preparation using positive formulations can be very helpful. Astral travelling is more difficult to achieve than clairvoyance, where only one of the senses is exteriorized (while astral travelling, all the senses are exteriorized).

Jose Silva suggests the following formulation:

"I am learning to develop my five senses and project my mind anywhere in the universe."

Personally, I prefer this formulation:

"I am developing my faculties of concentration and mental projection. I am learning to project my awareness and all my senses wherever I want. I can project my senses anywhere in the entire universe."

It's actually a mistake to talk about only five senses. In fact, we have more than twenty senses, including a sense of direction, balance, weight, and so on.

You have to exteriorize all your senses in order to be fully aware while astral travelling.

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