Genius the rediscovery of childhood

It is interesting to note that children between the ages of 4 to 7 produce an unusually high number of theta waves during the waking state. Children between 7 and puberty produce more alpha waves, while after puberty EEG readings resemble those of adults, i.e. showing a preponderance of beta waves. Is it a coincidence that these changes correspond more or less exactly to a decrease of creativity and visualization ability which is characteristic of the aging process in children? We don't think so. Young children who are given exercises that demand the use of creativity and visualization seem to have no trouble tuning in to their inner imagery. It is only later, as they become young adults, that children start relying more and more on logic, on so-called rational thought processes which become increasingly dependent on verbal expression, and severely limit creativity.

The ability to wonder, so characteristic of our childhood years, the faculty of being able to perceive the world around us as if we were seeing it for the first time, is cultivated by all great artists and inventors. An analysis of Albert Einstein's EEG activity showed that he was often in an alpha state. Even when he was engaged in complex mathematical calculations, his brain wave activity registered no significant changes. It was only when a problem was extremely difficult that beta activity would take over.

In recent years the corporate / industrial world has become increasingly interested in the development of creativity. Management is the power of imagination in action. Creativity sessions generally start with some form of regression exercise - participants are guided back to a childhood state in order to break through the barrier of logic and liberate faculties of creativity and imaginative association. Researchers became interested in monitoring EEG activity during these kinds of sessions. You can probably guess the result - creative activity is always characterized by a significant increase in alpha wave production.

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