Consider the situation normal

I'm certain my diagnosis is all wrong, or at least incomplete. But when I emerge from my state of deep relaxation, a surprise awaits me: the woman has a tumor in her intestines that keeps growing back (she's had seven successive operations) and a kind of black growth on her upper lip (doctors have been unable to diagnose its origin).

Eager to learn more, I decide to observe some of the other groups who are still 'at work.' I hear a young man saying, "Black, it's all black." When questioned further he says, "All black. I feel cold. I want to come back." His case concerned a man suffering from generalized cancer.

I walk over to another group. A woman in her forties is talking up a storm. Her instructor has already filled at least three pages with hastily written notes.

A young woman walks up to me. "I haven't had my turn yet. Do you think you could be my instructor?" I agree. I have to admit that there's something pleasant about watching a pretty young woman relax. It's as if their faces become transfigured. Some become even more beautiful, while others seem to age considerably. I recall a passage from a book in which a man tells his friend to '. look at her mother's face before you marry the girl (his young fiancée).'

The session goes very well, almost as if it were routine. Humans have an extraordinary ability to adapt to new situations - I find myself considering the exercise completely normal, like taking a walk to the corner store!

During a pause we gather in informal groups and discuss our experiences. The atmosphere in the room has changed completely. People who were reserved and skeptical at first have become entirely enthusiastic. Those who insisted that the whole exercise was ridiculous can't wait to describe their incredible visions. They explain, ask questions and listen with the passionate interest of 'those in the know.'

The blackness and cold expressed by the young man earlier on was entirely accurate: the case concerned a woman who had died three months earlier (one of the participants had decided to play a sinister kind of joke by submitting the case history of a dead person). Results of the case I myself had submitted - it concerned my grandfather - were also accurate: heaviness in the legs and emphysema, the two problems I had listed, were both diagnosed. The subject even predicted an additional problem - a kidney malfunction -which I knew nothing about, but which I was able to verify later on.

That, word for word, is what happened to me on a November day back in 1972. Since then I've seen hundreds of people experience the same sense of amazement. I have passed over to the other side of the barrier, and now all I want to do is understand. Perhaps you too would like to understand more about what lies beyond the scope of ordinary experience. If so, this book may be of some help.

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