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Saint-Denis suggested three essential conditions for the act of lucid dreaming:

1.Developing the habit of writing dreams down immediately after waking up, which will eventually result in your remaining conscious while dreaming.

2. Creating a signaling system for yourself: associating a certain memory with a certain sensorial perception (looking at your hands, picking up a glass, drinking water, etc.) will trigger the act of lucid dreaming while you are asleep.

3.These signal images should be incorporated in the scenes you dream about, allowing your conscious mind to take an active part in the dream process (this will inevitably occur as soon as you become aware that you are dreaming) so that you can guide and develop your dreams through an exercise of will, the principle being that as soon as you think of something, it will appear in your dream."

Lucid dreaming is an ongoing experience for me - I still have a lot to learn about it. I have run into problems trying to master the technique, although thanks to mental dynamics I was able to experience my first lucid dream after only fifteen days of practice (it took Saint-Denis two hundred and seven days). At one point I felt I had to stop because the exercise was disturbing my sleep. I overcame that obstacle a couple of months later by developing a second formulation (I will awaken from my lucid dream refreshed and completely rested).

I then had some trouble controlling my dreams, and had to be content with playing the role of lucid spectator. At present I am continuing my research into the phenomenon.

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Lucid Dreaming For Healing

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