"Jonathan, and these were his last words, said he was continuing his study of love." Richard Bach

Mylan Ryzl once said, "Most parapsychological research being carried out in the Soviet Union concerns either the transmission of impulses and attitudes, or the subliminal control of behavior."

In the United States, most important parapsychological research is considered top secret military information.

Mao Tze Tong ordered his scientists to make a 'great leap forward' in the area of paranormal research.

One may well wonder whether the next world war will be carried out on a psychological or parapsychological level.

Our modern lifestyle has become increasingly disruptive as far as our inner peace, mental stability and sense of individual freedom is concerned.

Understanding the way your mind works, learning to get back in touch with yourself and develop your paranormal faculties in a harmonious and positive way is, in my opinion, the only way to attain true freedom.

Some people are fearful of the future, of the tremendous possibilities that lie ahead, both in areas of technological progress and self realization. Ignoring these possibilities will not put a stop to their development.

Paranormal faculties do exist. If we don't develop them ourselves, someone else will, to their advantage.

Modern methods of communication were used as weapons during recent wars. Today they have become instruments of peace, bringing the millions upon millions of inhabitants of this precious planet closer together.

Paranormal faculties are the super-communication tool of the future. They may have been used as weapons in the past. Perhaps some groups are still secretly engaged in doing so. All we can hope is that they eventually become a source of rapprochement between individuals, generating a new kind of universal consciousness.

The interdependence of living beings on the planet - perhaps in the entire universe - is proof of our common essence. An awareness of that bond may one day lead, if not to universal love, then at least to a better understanding among humans, and to the peace that has been the dream of so many for so long.

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