Communicating with the subconscious

One day a physicist named Glaser, who also happened to love good beer, became fascinated by the bubbles moving around in his glass. In a kind of reverie, he conceived the first bubble chamber, now used in all particle accelerator devices.

The structure of the atom appeared to Niels Bohr while lost in a daydream.

A German chemist and engineer, August Kekule, had the idea to develop a formula for benzene in the same way.

Whenever he was preoccupied by a problem, Sir Isaac Newton would take a light nap and enter the alpha state, although he knew nothing about brain waves or their effects.

Dr. Green and his wife Alyce, a psychologist, trained students to remain in a state of creative trance for one hour each day, with excellent results. Students reported being able to talk to their subconscious, and some began developing paranormal faculties. After some weeks of training, one 22 year old student was able to say who was calling before picking up the phone. He was never wrong, even when the caller was someone he didn't know, or hadn't heard from for a long time. When in the alpha / theta state, he had a number of premonitory visions. One day he saw a fellow student bringing him a letter announcing that he had been accepted by a top university. Things unfolded exactly as he predicted - when he got home he found his friend waiting for him with a letter in hand. The friend had even opened the letter, although it was not addressed to him, exactly as he had done in the dream vision.

Charles Tart, a psychologist specializing in special states of consciousness, suggests this method for generating and remembering mental images:

"Stretch out on your back as if you were going to sleep, but hold one arm up, slightly bent, in a position that requires a minimum of effort. Maintaining this position will allow you to enter a state of creative imagery, and still remember what you see. As soon as you start falling asleep, your arm will fall and wake you up."

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