Can everyone understand their dreams

Anyone who can create a dream can also understand it. It's all a question of habit and undoing previous conditioning.

We live in a specialized world - almost every task we can imagine is carried out by someone who is trained for that specific job, or by a machine designed to replace its human counterpart. The day may come when we are no longer able to feel our own bodies, and will have to rely on machines to feel for us. Delegating tasks to others, or placing our trust in machines may make life easier in some ways, but it also limits the scope of our own activity. In other words we give up a little of our free will each time we allow others to do things for us. As far as our dreams are concerned, we should all learn to interpret them ourselves, without having to ask for help from a specialist, in this case a psychologist or psychotherapist.

The process of understanding your dreams is easier than it seems.

Firstly, at the same time as you program the subject of a dream, i.e. while you are in the alpha state just before falling asleep, add the following formulation : "I will understand my dream when I wake up. With each passing day it will become easier for me to understand my dreams."

Secondly, you absolutely must write your dreams down. Keep a notebook and pen beside your bed, which you use only for that purpose. Like an image that appears gradually as you put the pieces of a puzzle together, your understanding of the symbols you create in your dreams will become clearer and clearer as time goes by. A message may emerge, or some pattern that you were unable to see before. Writing your dreams down is essential, if you are to gain the necessary perspective to be able to comprehend them.

Thirdly, you may be unable to interpret one or two recurring elements in your dreams. If this happens, all you have to do is put yourself in the alpha state, and wait for an answer to arise in your mind. Caslant spoke about descending through various levels of consciousness. The upper levels provide you with symbolic images, while the lower levels provide explanations, often in verbal form, of those symbols. Descending means moving from objective to subjective awareness, from the image itself to what it means for you.

Occult rituals rely on a multitude of symbols which are supposed to change our state of mind, and help us attain altered states of consciousness. Tarot cards, for example, are a collection of symbols designed to modify our subconscious associations.

Unfortunately, symbolism changes as humans evolve. Many of the symbols used by ancient occult masters like the Egyptian Hermes Trismegistus, founder of the so-called hermetic sciences, or Hebrew Cabalists, are no longer comprehensible to us. Instead of trying to unlock the mysteries of ancient symbols and recreate rituals that originated hundreds of years ago, we should be using our own symbols to stimulate our consciousness and help us reach out, beyond the limitations of our own minds.

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