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Many pregnant women suffer from so-called morning sickness as their body assumes its new shape. Nausea and vomiting stem from an unconscious rejection of the fetus, which is perceived as a foreign body. Dynamic relaxation helps future mothers become aware of their new corporeal structure, causing morning sickness to disappear.

Athletes can improve their performance by developing an awareness of the physiological effects training has on their body, and by transforming equipment (skis, paddles, balls, javelins, etc.) into extensions of their own body. The process resembles what happens when you buy a new car: at first, unsure of the vehicle's dimensions, you have to be extra careful not to run into anything when you drive. But in only a few weeks the car's structure becomes so deeply engraved in your brain that you can avoid obstacles by only a couple of inches with hardly any thought or effort. In other words, you develop an intuitive awareness of the car as an extension of your body. The same applies to athletes: skiers who do dynamic relaxation exercises while wearing their equipment, for example, can considerably enhance their performance.

In 1967, Dr. Raymond Abrezol was hired to teach dynamic relaxation to the Swiss national ski team, which had done poorly in previous competitions. Peter Baumgartner, who headed the team's technical operations, had heard of Dr. Abrezol's success with other athletes, and placed four of Switzerland's top skiers under his care. At the following winter Olympics held in Grenoble, France, three of Abrezol's four proteges won medals. At the Sapporo games in Japan, the Swiss team dominated the competition.

Since then, Dr. Abrezol has worked with many athletes in various disciplines, with equally positive results. Athletes who use dynamic relaxation are generally in better physical shape, and are better able to handle the in credible stress that goes hand in hand with competitive sport. Result? They win more often.

To train skiers, for example, Dr. Abrezol prescribed a rapid series of stage one dynamic relaxation exercises. First, subjects repeat a positive formulation: "I am confident. I am full of energy. I am concentrated. I am not nervous. I'm not scared. I want to get out there and win!"

They then imagine a perfect performance, visualizing themselves as they complete a perfect run down the course. Not concentrating long enough to reach the finish line, or becoming distracted for any reason, is considered the equivalent of a fall - the subject has to start all over again.

Then, with subjects in a sophronic state, Dr. Abrezol would lead them through the following exercises:

1.Head rotations, six to the left, six to the right. Imagine yourself holding a flashlight between your teeth, tracing circles with the beam of light.

2.Fifteen neck muscle contractions: subjects grimace like characters in a horror movie, pulling the mouth in all directions, bulging neck muscles and folding facial skin.

3. Three sets of rapid abdominal breathing exercises (subjects should stop if pain is felt in the kidney region).

4. Complete exhalation, full inhalation through the mouth, breath retention while pumping the shoulders, forced exhalation through the nose. Three sets.

5. Complete exhalation, full inhalation through the mouth, breath retention while jumping in place, forced exhalation through the nose. Three sets.

6. Complete exhalation, full inhalation through the mouth, breath retention while rotating :

the right arm the left arm both arms

One set each.

7. Complete exhalation, full inhalation through the mouth, breath retention while contracting all muscles in the body; forced exhalation through the nose.

8. Complete exhalation, full inhalation through the mouth, breath retention while raising the arms above the head and contracting all muscles; forced exhalation through the nose.

9. Complete exhalation as subjects crouch down, full inhalation as they stand up and start turning in circles, breath retention during three complete turns (done slowly), forced exhalation as they crouch again and hold the position for a few minutes.

10. End session with regular autogenic training technique.

Between exercises subjects should concentrate on their inner sensations during recuperation periods.

In addition to improving athletic performance, these same exercises, based on traditional yoga and other oriental methods, are highly conducive for the development of paranormal faculties. Orientals are familiar with the 'special powers' demonstrated by yogis at various stages in their training, regarding them as signs of progress.

As far as we know, however, no attempts have been made to use dynamic relaxation to develop paranormal faculties here in the west. Dr. Abrezol has conducted parapsychological experiments on subjects trained in dynamic relaxation, but their training program was not conceived for that purpose. In our opinion, there is an enormous potential for adapting dynamic relaxation exercises for such purposes.

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