82 minutes a biological cycle

I have often thought that people listening to a speaker or watching a movie are very much like dreamers - they need a break every 80 minutes or so, during which they can work off some of the excess energy they have accumulated by sitting still and concentrating on the same subject (doing some gymnastics instead of having a coffee or drinking alcohol is an excellent way to work off excess tension). Whenever this unspoken rule is broken, members of an audience become restless and distracted. I am sure that companies could increase their staff's productivity dramatically by allowing them to take an 'active' break every hour and a half or so. The way things stand, workers have to rely on excuses like going to the bathroom or making a personal phone call in order to stay in tune with their biological cycle.

Everybody dreams, but most of us only remember a small fraction of what we dream, notably images that arise during REM phases. Why is it, then, that some people can't seem to remember their dreams at all? What can they do to start remembering?

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