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After audience members have thought about what their next job is going to be, I then ask the second question, "What is your next career going to be?" What entirely new field, industry, business, or line of work are you going to be in 5 to 10 years from now?

According to employment experts, a person starting work today will have an average of 14 or 15 full-time jobs, each lasting two years or more, over the course of a working lifetime. He or she will also have as many as five different careers, in completely different fields, each of which will require new kinds of knowledge and different skills.

Much of what you know about your current work will be obsolete within five years. Because of rapid changes taking place in every area, your existing store of knowledge, information, ideas, and skills will be of little value. These will have no relevance or application to the job market and the economy of the future. You will need new knowledge and skills if you want to survive and thrive in an increasingly competitive society.

This is why Peter Drucker said, "The only skill that will not become obsolete in the years ahead is the ability to learn new skills."

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The Reality Mindset

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