Work All The Time You Work

A key part of success at work is to use your time well, to focus on results, and avoid the time-wasting social activities of the poor performers. In correlation with this is the need for you to "work all the time you work."

This is a remarkable idea for many people. Often employees think about work as if it was an extension of school.When they were growing up, they came to think of school as a place where you go to socialize. You take the required courses, but the most important part is spending time with your friends between classes. School becomes a form of play.

Many people think, when they take their first job, that work is also a place where you go to spend time with your friends. This is why fully half of the working day is spent socializing, and in idle conversation on the telephone with friends and family. Work is seen as a giant sandbox where you continue to play as you did in school. You do a little work when the boss is watching, get a paycheck, and then go home.

But this is not for you. If you are determined to succeed greatly and be paid the very most, you must work all the time you work. When you go to work, you must put your head down and work wholeheartedly.

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Prosperity Pursuit

Prosperity Pursuit

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