Three Qualities Of Genius

Geniuses have been studied extensively over the years. One of the most remarkable conclusions the experts have arrived at is that geniuses are not necessarily people with extraordinary high IQs. They are often ordinary people who use their intelligence in a superior way compared to average, or even smarter, people. What this means is that you can function at genius levels if you learn to think the way that geniuses do.

Geniuses seem to have three characteristics in common, each of which you can develop and make into a regular part of your thinking.

First, geniuses seem to have open minds. They are curious, questioning, flexible, and willing to consider a wide range of possibilities in dealing with a question or problem. This adaptive mind-set is like an open door that allows ideas to blow through from any direction, or source.This is the mind-set of the genius. And you can learn it by practicing it.

Second, geniuses seem to approach problems and decisions systematically. They don't throw themselves at a problem like a dog chasing a passing car. Instead, they approach every difficult situation by asking structured questions in a logical order, like solving a problem in math.

Third, geniuses approach problems with a series of questions.

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