The Importance Of Action

Once you have answered your question with at least 20 answers, go back over your answers and select at least one answer that you are going to take action on immediately. This step is very important! It is your taking action of some kind that keeps the torrent of ideas flowing through your mind. As you take action on one idea, another idea for another action will come to you.

Here is an exercise you can use to double and triple the impact of the 20-idea method. Once you have generated at least 20 ideas and selected the one idea you are going to implement immediately, you can then perform the 20-idea method on that new idea, generating 20 different ways to put that idea to work.

The Reality Mindset

The Reality Mindset

Reality is the beginning precept of personal growth. We mainly grow as humans by discovering new realities about ourselves and our world. You'll surely learn some crucial lessons regardless how you live, but you are able to speed up your growth hugely by consciously looking for truth and intentionally rejecting untruth and denial. This book will provide insight to the reality mindset.

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