The Great

The Greek philosopher Aristotle first articulated the foundation principle ofWestern philosophy in about 350 b.c. It became known as the Aristotelian Principle of Causality. Today, we call it the Law of Cause and Effect. This law says that for every effect in your life, there are specific causes. It says that everything happens for a reason. Success is not an accident. Failure is not an accident, either. What happens to you is not determined by luck or by coincidence. It is the result of unchanging law.

My journey from unemployment and poverty to success and financial independence started when I began to study the most successful people in our society. My idea was simple: I would find out what they had done to accomplish so much, and then I would do the same things. Why reinvent the wheel? What I discovered changed my life. It will change yours as well.

The 90-10 Financial Secret

The 90-10 Financial Secret

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