Serve People Better

Every job is an opportunity for you to solve problems and to satisfy the needs of other people. Since the problems and needs that people have are unlimited, your opportunities to create value are unlimited as well.

Every fortune begins with an idea to serve people better in some way. Almost all entrepreneurs who start and build successful companies have worked for other organizations where they continually looked for ways to increase their value to the company.

The primary sources of value, the keys to wealth building, are time and knowledge. Your job is to continually increase your knowledge so that the value of what you do becomes greater and greater. Over 400 years ago Francis Bacon said that knowledge is power. But this is only partially true. Only when knowledge is applied to some good purpose is it power. Your job is to gather the knowledge that you need so that you can do your job fast and well.

There is a saying in Texas that goes, "It's not the size of the dog in the fight; it's the size of the fight in the dog."

What is most important is not the hours you put in, but the value of the work you put into those hours. Your success is determined by your ability to contribute value to your current job, either as an employee or as an employer, as a company worker or a company owner, that determines your income and your financial future.

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