Listen To Others

Some years ago, I began thinking in earnest about what it was that I really wanted to do. My current job was coming to an end, and the prospects for the future, because of the economy, were not very encouraging. Meanwhile, although I had a very good idea of what I wanted to do, I wasn't sure.

At this point, I suddenly asked a friend of mine what he thought I would be good at doing. He replied, without a moment's hesitation, "You'd be excellent at teaching and giving seminars."

That turned out to be exactly what I had been thinking, but I was nervous about directing my whole career into a completely unknown field. My friend's comment made me realize that often the people around you can see clearly what you should be doing, even if you can't see it yourself.

If you are at all unsure about your area of natural talent and ability, ask someone who knows you well what he or she thinks your ideal line of work would be. The people who know you and care about you will often give you ideas and insights that change your whole life. Often these insights will reveal to you your heart's desire.

Prosperity Pursuit

Prosperity Pursuit

Those who truly want to attain a financially free mindset, have only to set their minds on it, and acquire the proper means, as they do in relation to any other aim which they want to achieve, and it can be easily done.

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