How Good Are

There is a simple way to determine how good you are at what you do: Are you in great demand? If you are very good, people are contin ually trying to hire you away from your current employment. You receive regular job offers. If you are self-employed, you have more business than you can handle. You get a steady flow of recommendations and referrals from satisfied customers.

When you are in demand, you have complete job security. You know that if something happened to your current job, you could walk across the street and get another job tomorrow. You never worry about the ups or downs in the economy because you always have far more opportunities than you can handle in a 24-hour day.

When you reach this point, you will know that you are one of the very best in your field. You will feel terrific about yourself. You will have complete control over your future.

The Productive Entrepreneur

The Productive Entrepreneur

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