Fire The Staff

Some companies today are taking their people through an exercise that can be quite traumatic to their employees. They call everyone together, and then they fire the entire staff. They announce that they are going to be rehiring someone for each job, and that each person can reapply for their job as though they were outside contractors presenting a proposal.

This proposal for their jobs would include a description of what they intend to do, how they intend to do it, how much they would charge for their work, and how much the company would gain or save by paying them the salaries they are requesting for what they are proposing to do.

As you can imagine, many employees are completely baffled when they are confronted with this exercise. The very idea of thinking through their current jobs and describing them in the form of a business proposal, along with a justification for why they should be paid the amount that they are asking, is an overwhelming task. Most people have never thought about their jobs in this way before.

Finally, the boss adds one more detail. He tells them that they will each be competing against other people who will also be submitting proposals for the same jobs. Whoever offers the company the best deal or price will get the position.

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