Dreams Come True

The fifth element in this five-step power process is realization, to actually achieve your goals and to have your wishes come true.

This is the most important part of the process. But you must be aware that every goal takes a certain amount of time to materialize. Some goals can be achieved quickly. Some require weeks and even months of patient, steady work. Others are long-term goals, requiring several years to bring to fruition. Your attitude toward the time required for goal attainment has a major impact on whether and when you accomplish them.

In the realization phase, after you have practiced the first four steps, you simply relax and let go of the process. You allow your goal to appear in its own time. Exactly the things that you want and need will come to you at exactly the time that you are ready for them.

Successful people eventually develop an attitude of calm, confident expectation. They are never rushed or hurried. They are relaxed and confident, and they absolutely believe that everything is conspiring to bring them exactly what they want, at exactly the right time for them.This must be your attitude as well.

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