Dont Take Things Personally

When negative people experience problems, setbacks, or difficulties, they interpret them differently from confident, optimistic people. When they fail temporarily, which is inevitable, they immediately interpret this as a personal statement about their deficiencies. If the sales call is not successful, they say, "I must be a terrible salesperson. The product is no good. Customers are not interested in what we have to sell. I'll never succeed in this field."

In other words, they overgeneralize and overdramatize a small failure rather than dismissing it as a temporary setback and going on to the next call. They interpret the experience negatively. It then has a negative effect on their self-image: "I'm no good." Their work performance declines and they do even worse next time.

The good news, however, is that how you interpret an event is under your control. It is a matter of choice. You determine how you are going to feel and react by how you choose to explain a situation to yourself. Choose to put a positive spin on it, whatever it is. You are in charge.

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Prosperity Pursuit

Prosperity Pursuit

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