Donate Your Time

When you attend meetings of that committee, develop the habit of raising your hand. Volunteer for assignments. Volunteer to write things.Volunteer to do work that needs to be done.

The rule is this: In every organization, fewer than 10 percent of the people do most of the work. On any committee, fewer than 20 percent of the people do more than 80 percent of the work on that committee.Your goal is to be among that top 10 to 20 percent.

The most important committees attract the best and most important people in the association. These are the kinds of people that you want as part of your reference group. These are the kinds of people that you want to form relationships with. These are the kinds of people whose names you want for your Rolodex, and who you want to be a part of your professional network.

Business Brain

Business Brain

Among the hardest transitions for individuals is to move from the employee to the entrepreneur mentality. The idea of getting on your own, getting your own business is fantastic. It's the desire of a lot of individuals to leave their jobs and get to be successful business owners.

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