Develop The Winning Edge

One of the most important of all success principles is the "winning edge" concept. This concept explains success and failure, and has been demonstrated over and over. This principle says: Small differences in ability can lead to enormous differences in results. It seems that the top people in every field are usually just a little bit better than the average in the critical things that they do. But consistency in being a little bit better in your key skill areas eventually adds up to an enormous difference in results.

In fact, all you need is to be about 3 percent better in each of the key result areas of your job to develop the winning edge. This edge enables you to move to the front in the race of life. Once you get a little ahead, you can then maintain and increase this gap by continuous self-improvement.You can continue to get better and better with learning and practice.With this strategy, you will soon emerge in the top 10 percent, or even the top 5 percent, of people in your field.

The Art Of Allowing And Surrender

The Art Of Allowing And Surrender

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