Denial Is Not A River In Egypt

Many of our problems in dealing with setbacks and disappointments come from our resisting reality. We engage in denial. We become angry and insist that this should not have happened to us or should not have happened at all. We reject it and wish that it hadn't occurred in the first place.

It is this resistance and denial that causes most of our stress. When you say, "What can't be cured must be endured," you lower your flash point. You become more relaxed. You become calmer and you develop a more detached perspective. You stand back and you look at the situation as though it were happening to someone else. As a result you become more constructive about how the situation can best be resolved.You don't allow yourself to become emotionally involved in every little thing that happens to you.

Abraham Lincoln wrote, "Most people are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be." In the Foundation for Inner Peace's Course in Miracles, it says, "You give meaning to everything you see." Without the meaning or emotion that you attach to an event or circumstance, it has no emotional significance for you. And you can change the meaning by controlling your thinking. You can even eliminate its negative effect on you altogether by refusing to become emotionally involved in a short-term setback. It is up to you.

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Prosperity Pursuit

Prosperity Pursuit

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