Clarity Is Everything

There are additional questions that you can ask to trigger your cre-ativity—for example, "What am I trying to do?" Be absolutely clear about your answer to this question.

Whenever you experience any frustration or resistance in achieving a goal or getting a result, ask yourself, "How am I trying to do it?" and "Could there be a better way?" Don't fall in love with your current methods.

What are your assumptions? What are your obvious assumptions and what are your unconscious assumptions? What are you assuming to be true that if it were not true, your thinking would change altogether? Alex McKenzie wrote, "Errant assumptions lie at the root of every failure."

The Reality Mindset

The Reality Mindset

Reality is the beginning precept of personal growth. We mainly grow as humans by discovering new realities about ourselves and our world. You'll surely learn some crucial lessons regardless how you live, but you are able to speed up your growth hugely by consciously looking for truth and intentionally rejecting untruth and denial. This book will provide insight to the reality mindset.

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