Clarify Your Competitive Advantage

One of the first questions you ask of yourself is, "What is my competitive advantage?" What are you absolutely excellent at doing? What is it that you do better than almost anyone else in your business? What unique set of skills do you have that accounts for most of your success to date? Where are you really good?

Your second question is, "Looking at the trends in my industry, what will my competitive advantage be in three to five years?" If things continue on the way they are and you could project yourself three to five years into the future and look around, what will you need to be doing in an excellent fashion at that time?

Many people have trouble answering both of these questions. They are not sure what their competitive advantage is today, and as a result they have no idea what their competitive advantage will be in the future. If you are in this situation, you are in great danger of underachieving and even failing in your career.

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