Ask Focused Questions

The third way to activate your creativity is by asking focused questions. Well-worded, focused, provocative, challenging questions activate your mind and stimulate your thinking. The very best consultants often describe themselves as "insultants." They don't give answers. They instead force their clients to ask and answer tough questions.

To trigger your own creativity, you have to ask yourself some tough questions as well, and then question your answers.

Remember zero-based thinking? Keep asking yourself, "If I were not now doing this, would I start it over again today knowing what I now know?" You will be amazed at how creative you become when you examine every aspect of your life as though you could choose to start it again, if you wanted to, based on your present knowledge and experience.

Often, the answer to your biggest dilemma is simply to discontinue an activity altogether. If it's not working out, sometimes the smartest thing you can do is to simply abandon a particular course of action. Always ask, "What is the simplest and most direct solution to this problem?"

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Accomplishing Your True Calling

Accomplishing Your True Calling

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