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1. Identify the most valuable things you do at work. How could you organize your time so that you do more of them?

2. Resolve today to develop the habit of punctuality. Go on Lom-bardi time, and start arriving 15 minutes early for appointments.

3. Organize your day so that you come in and get started one hour earlier than your co-workers. Work through lunchtime, and stay one hour later.

4. Work all the time you work. Don't waste a minute. If someone tries to distract you, say you have to get back to work, and then do it.

5. Look under your own feet for your personal acres of diamonds, opportunities to add more value right where you are. What could they be?

6. Resolve today to become financially independent. Become a student of money, wealth accumulation, and wealth creation. Becoming rich is a skill that you can learn.

7. Begin today to implement the 40 Plus Formula in your daily work life. Work on your job, or work on yourself to get better at what you do, 50 to 60 hours each week. Put yourself on the side of the angels.


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Business Brain

Business Brain

Among the hardest transitions for individuals is to move from the employee to the entrepreneur mentality. The idea of getting on your own, getting your own business is fantastic. It's the desire of a lot of individuals to leave their jobs and get to be successful business owners.

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