Action Exercises

1. Define your most important goal or problem in the form of a question and write it at the top of a page. Then, generate at least 20 answers to your question.

2. Make a list of your most pressing problems or obstacles to achieving your goals. What is the simplest and most direct solution to each one?

3. Think of your most important goal and ask, "Why have I not achieved that goal already?"

4. Identify the constraints or limiting factors that determine how fast you increase your income. What can you do right now to alleviate these constraints?

5. What are the intelligences that you seem to be better at than others? How could you organize you life and work so that you are capitalizing more on these intelligences?

6. What have you been good at in the past? What activities give you your greatest feeling of importance?

7. What parts of your work give you the highest return on energy? How could you structure your work and your life so that you are spending more time in these areas?


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