Abstract Intelligence

Your tenth form of intelligence is abstract, or conceptual intelligence. This is the kind of intelligence possessed by an Einstein who could see himself riding on a beam of light and as a result was able to formulate the theory of relativity, which completely revolutionized the field of physics.

The scientist F. A. Kekule saw a great snake curling back on itself and grasping its own tail. He recognized it as a clue to the ringlike structure of the benzene molecule, a critical discovery for our century.

Often in your life, you will get a sudden idea or picture that combines several factors into a new synthesis. This can turn out to be a new business idea, such as Ray Kroc had when he observed the mass production methods for cooking hamburgers and french fries developed by the McDonald brothers of San Bernardino. With that insight, he started the 30,000-unit McDonald's Corporation.

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