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Most people are open to the idea of forgiveness. It is among the core beliefs of most religions, and is taught in psychology and metaphysics. You are probably comfortable with the idea of forgiving most of the people in your life who have hurt you in some way. But there is a great danger.

The danger is that your refusal to forgive just one major grievance can be enough to sabotage your entire life. Your insistence on holding onto just one person or situation by not forgiving can put the brakes on all your forward progress. There are countless men and women who ruin their lives because of their anger and resentment toward a single person. They can't let go of it, and so they never get free.

Don't let this happen to you. You must have the courage and character to forgive everyone, without exception. There should be no one in your life with whom you are still angry. Your mind should be calm and clear.You should be able to say, "I do not have a negative or unforgiving thought toward anyone in the world; I freely forgive them all."

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