Ij 2 S

7 Which pentagon should replace the question mark?

8 Which hexagon should replace the question mark?

If then

Verbal ability test (Answers, see pp. 224-25)

1 Which is the odd one out?

sepia, magenta, viridian, chamois, maroon

2 REFLECT LANGUAGE is an anagram of which two words that are similar in meaning?

3 The following clue leads to what pair of rhyming words?

metal refuse container

4 Travel from circle to circle to spell out a 10-letter word. Use every circle only once each.

5 Which two words are most opposite in meaning?

uplifted, interpret, refulgence, ostensible, disfigure, torpid

6 Place the letters in the correct segments in each quadrant to obtain two 8-letter related words, one reading clockwise, and the other anti-clockwise.

7 Which two words are closest in meaning?

impatient, unmitigated, irrational, matchless, consummate, coalesce

Take one letter from each circle and, reading clockwise, spell out an 8-letter word meaning concise.

You have to find the starting point.


Eliminate 16 letters from the phrase above to leave a word meaning framework.

10 Which two words that sound alike, but are spelled differently mean INTERCEDE, AWARD?

Numerical ability test (Answers, see p. 226)

1 What is the meaning of this mathematical sign? oo


2 I have three friends, Clarence, Harold and Peter:

Clarence's + Harold's age totals 87 Clarence's + Peter's age totals 75 Harold's + Peter's age totals 40 Clarence's + Harold's + Peter's age = 101

How old are my three friends?

3 A notebook, a pencil, a book and a pen, costs &2.96. The notebook costs 55 times the cost of a pencil, and the book costs twice the cost of the pen and 160 times the cost of a pencil. How much did each cost?

4 Half of twelve is seven as I can show, and half of thirteen is eight, can this be so?

5 If 5 times 4 are 33, what will a fourth of 20 be?

6 How many triangles are there in this figure?

Using simple mathematical signs make four 7s = 100.

8 The hour and minute hands coincide at noon.

When will they coincide once again during the next 12 hours?

9 Place the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0 to compose two fractions, whose sum shall be equal to unity. Each number to be used once, and once only.

10 What is the difference between six dozen dozen and a half a dozen dozen?

Logic test (Answers, see pp. 227-29)

1 I took my American friend to a cricket match at the Oval in London, 'I do not understand the game,' said the American.

'Well, Surrey won the championship 5 times out of 9 times in the years running up to the start of the war.'

'How did they get on in 1930?' said the American.

'They won in 1931, but did they win or lose in 1930?'

2 Solve this sum:

3 If to my age there added be, one-half, one-third, and three times three, six score and ten the sum you'll see, pray find out what my age may be?

4 What number should replace the question mark?

5 One shape is missing, what is it?

6 What number should replace the question mark?

6 What number should replace the question mark?

7 At the car race I did not see the winner of the last race. There were 8 cars in the race, so I asked my friends which number had won.

A said, 'It was odd.' B said, 'It was even.' C said, 'It was a prime number.' D said, 'It was a square number.' E said, 'It was a cube number.'

1 is not reckoned to be a prime number.

Only one person told the truth.

8 17 coins are tossed in the air.

What are the chances that at least 9 coins will be heads or tails?

What weight will a fish weigh if it weighs 37 kg plus half its weight?

10 Divide the square into 4 equal shapes, each shape containing one S, one D, one C and one H.

















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