Taste learning, 41 see also Neophobia,

Conditioned Taste Aversion, TATA box, 241, 241f Tau, 341b, 346 Tauopathies, 346 TBL-1, 383

Temporal Information Processing,

65, 72-77 Temporal integration in LTP, 130-131, 130f, 224b, 244 Tg2576 mouse model, 349f,

Theta frequency firing pattern/ Theta Rhythm, 66, 66f, 103-104 Thioflavin S, 341b Through the Glass Darkly, 366 Time-dependent learning tasks, see Temporal information processing tissue Plasminogen Activator (t-PA), 248-249

Tonegawa, Susumu, 47, 240, 285 Trace conditioning, 19-20, 19f, 75-76

Transcription, 47-48, 241-243, 326 Transcription factors, FMR2, 329, 331 fos/jun family, 248 immediate early gene family,

248, 251 myoD, 387

zinc finger family, 248 Transgenic Approaches to

Understanding Memory, 262 Transience of memories, 385b Trisomy 21, see Down's syndrome Trisynaptic circuit, 94 Tritonia, 374-376b TrkB, 136-138b Tsien, Joe, 332b

Tsien, Richard, 135, 165, 240, 244 Twin Towers, 24 Tyrosine kinases, 151-152 Tyrosine phosphatases, 152, 153f

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