rac, 165, 165f, 328b RACK1, 152, 153f, 172 raf-1, 330b

Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, 71-72b

GAPs and GEFs, 166b, 311, 311f human learning and memory, 308

MEK/ERK MAPK cascade, 314 PI3 Kinase pathway, 213-215b RC3, see neurogranin Reactive oxygen species, 154,

conscious recall, 20 expression of memory, 257 memory component, 7 Reconsolidation, 11-12, 84b Reelin, 355

Regulated Intramembrane Preteolysis (RIP), 348 Regulatory elements, 241 Renger, John, 125-127b

Retrograde signaling, 121-122b, 122f, 166 E-LTP, 220 molecules, 121 Rett Syndrome, 309, 326b Reverberating circuit, 8 Reynolds, A. Martyn, 75 rho, 165, 165f, 330b, 328 RNA polymerase, 241, 241f Roberson, Eric, 127, 139, 242, 382, 384

Rolling Stones, 30 Rotating rod task, 53-54, 54f Rotation of visual cues experiment,

67-68, 68f Round chamber experiment, 68,69f Routtenberg, Aryeh, 220, 245 RSK2, 222f, 223, 242, 314 Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome, 315b Ryanodine receptor (RyR), 176

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