Of Mice And Rats

Rats have been the prototype animal for learning studies, although recently great effort has been expended to adapt these procedures to mice. This is because the recent advent of transgenic mouse technologies has generated substantial optimism concerning the development of murine models for human learning disorders and memory dysfunction, as well as optimism for their application to understanding the basic molecular mechanisms of memory itself. Moreover, the potential applicability of transgenic animal approaches in mice gives great promise for the discovery of new gene products involved in behavior in general. Against this backdrop, it has been important to develop standardized protocols for behavioral characterization of trans-genic animals that are widely adaptable for laboratory use. Jean Wehner at the University of Colorado and my colleague Richard Paylor here at Baylor College of Medicine have been leaders in adapting the historically used rat behaviors into the modern situation of mouse characterization, and much of what is described in this

Advanced Memory Techniques

Advanced Memory Techniques

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