The work of Jack Byrne's laboratory has been instrumental in the discovery of the modulation of this channel as a mechanism for presynaptic facilitation in Aplysia sensory neurons (9). Ikv is a voltage-sensitive potassium channel that opens in response to the membrane depolarization caused by the arrival of the action potential. After opening, the potassium current flowing through this channel contributes substantially to returning the membrane potential to its resting level. Therefore, in contrast to the S channel, the voltage-sensitive potassium channel Ikv is a major player in repolarizing the cell membrane after the arrival of an action potential, and modulation of this channel is a potent mechanism for prolonging action potential duration. Both the PKA and PKC cascade impinge upon this mechanism, leading to inhibition of Ikv function, action potential prolongation, and an attendant increase in calcium influx with each action potential.

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