GABA, 95b, 104-106, 291-293b GABA receptor, 95b, 161 GABAergic function, 313 GABAergic interneurons, 94, 93f,

128-130, 129f Gage, Fred, 246b GAP-43, 220, 220f Gene expression, 234, 243f Genetically engineered animals, 266

caveats to use, 266-267b LTP and memory link, 269 Genomic Regulation in Memory

Formation, 232 Gerendasy, Dan, 180 Getting, Peter, 375b

Glenner, George, 346

GluRA knockout mouse, 268, 270f

Glutamate, 95b, 104-105

increased release during LTP, 120 kinetics of release, 125-127b re-uptake of, 125-127b Glycine, 104 Gould, Elizabeth, 246b Graded acquisition of memory, 10,

11f, 373 Grant, Seth, 169 GRASP1, 173 Gray, Rick, 175

Greenough, Bill, 51, 222-223, 308, 326

GRIP, 179, 218 GSK3P, 223 GTP hydrolysis, 162b GTPase Activating Proteins

(GAPs), 166b, 310 Guanine nucleotide binding proteins, 161b Guanine Nucleotide Exchange

Factor Proteins, 166b Guanylate Kinase-Associated

Protein (GKAP), 168, 168f Guanylyl cyclase, 198

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