Effectors Of Pka And Pkc In Aplysia Presynaptic Facilitation

potential. The cAMP-dependent protein kinase phosphorylates and closes the S channel. Closure of this channel has several effects on the electrical properties of the sensory neuron cell membrane. First, as the channels are closed, there is less resting potassium current flowing across the membrane, resulting in a modest depolarization of the membrane. This brings the resting membrane potential closer to the threshold for action potential generation and increases the likelihood of action potential firing. In addition, the closure of S channels leads to decreased spike-frequency accommodation, such that the cell is more likely to fire multiple action potentials with prolonged stimulation. Finally, the S channel makes a modest contribution to repolarizing the membrane after an action potential, so closure of voltage-gated calcium channels contributes to a prolongation of the action potential duration, allowing increased duration of calcium influx through voltage-gated calcium channels. (In fact, an additional component of the effect of serotonin is a direct effect on these calcium channels, augmenting their responsiveness to depolarization.) Thus, closure of the S channel overall leads to increased likelihood of triggering one or more action potentials and to increased calcium influx in response to the action potential.

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