Dab1, 355 DAG Kinase, 163b DAG lipase, 163b Dash, Pramod, 280, 281f Dawkins, Richard, 118 Declarative learning, 23-25 Declarative memory, 8, 8f, 25 De-depression, 216 DeGraan, Pierre, 180 Deisseroth, Karl, 244 Delay conditioning, 19-20, 19f Dementia, 338 Dendrite dendritic action potentials, 106-110 dendritic spines, 142, 149

altered in Williams syndrome, 328b

Dendrite (continued)

calcium handling, 174 spine apparatus, 176 dendritic tree, 109, 109f membrane potential, 142 morphology, 51, 223 protein synthesis, 221-226 subregions, 108 Dentate gyrus, 96

Depotentiation, 139-141b, 141f, 209, 216

Derrick, Brian, 238b Desensitization, 125-127b Determine experiments, 45 Development, 140b, 143b, 218, 316, 333, 387

Diacylglycerol (DAG), 95b, 163b Dineley, Kelly, 359 Dishabituation, 12f, 13 Disterhoft, John, 47, 74-75 Dopamine, 94, 136-138b, 244 Dostrovsky, 66, 66f, 75 Double rotation experiment, 80f Down Syndrome, 309, 317b Drosophila, 12 Dudai, Yadin, 54b Dudchenko, Paul, 81-83, 81-82f Dudek, Serena, 175 DYRK1, 317b Dystrophin protein kinase (DMPK), 325, 327f

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