The Browse

Before doing anything else, it is essential to 'browse' or look through the entire book or periodical you are about to study. The browse should be done in the way you would look through a book you were considering buying in a bookshop, or in the way you would look through a book you were considering taking out from the library. In other words casually, but rather rapidly, flipping through the pages, getting the general 'feel' of the book, observing the organisation and structure, the level of difficulty, the proportion of diagrams and illustrations to text, the location of any results, summaries and conclusions sections etc. A particularly useful method for browsing is that as outlined in the Chapter on reading more efficiently and faster, Exercise 7b, page 41 -using the visual guide to scan each page at four seconds a page, continuing, not for only one minute, but until the complete book has been surveyed.

Once the browse has been completed, the four major steps of preparation can then be dealt with far more effectively.

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