Number of pages read x number of words per average page number of minutes spent reading


NB After any wpm calculation enter the number on the graph on page 40.

1 Exercise eye movements over page, moving eyes on horizontal and vertical planes diagonally upper left to lower right, and then upper right to lower left. Speed up gradually day by day. Purpose - to train eyes to function more accurately and independently.

2 Read normally for 5 minutes from a book which you will be able to continue using. Record wpm on continuing graph page 40.

3 Practise turning 100 pages at approximately 2 seconds per page, moving eyes very rapidly down the page. (2X2 min. sessions).

4 a Practise as fast as you can for 1 minute, not worrying about com prehension.

b Read with motivated comprehension -1 minute. c Calculate and record wpm on graph. Repeat as time allows.

5 Use any book (light material) ofyour choice, preferably one in which you are interested.

Try for as much comprehension as possible, but realise that exercise is concerned primarily with speed. In this exercise reading should continue from last point reached.

a Practise-read for 1 minute at 100 wpm faster than your highest normal speed. b Practise-read 100 wpm faster than (a). c Practise-read 100 wpm faster than (b). d Practise-read 100 wpm faster than (c). e Practise-read 100 wpm faster than (d).

f Practise-read with comprehension for 1 minute from point reached at end of (e). Calculate and record wpm on graph speed wpm

900 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100

See exercises pages39 and 41

This graph should soon be complete. When it is full make another similar one and keep it in your book.

High Speed Practice 1

a Use any easy book. Start from the beginning of a chapter. b Practise-read with visual aid, three lines at a time at a minimum of

2,000 wpm for 5 minutes. c Re-read to mark in 4 minutes. d Re-read to mark in 3 minutes. e Re-read to mark in 2 minutes.

f Read on from mark, for same comprehension as at (b) for 5 minutes. g Read for normal comprehension for 1 minute. Record wpm on graph.

High Speed Practice 2

a Use any easy book, start at the beginning of a chapter. b Scan for one minute, using visual aid, 4 seconds per page. c Practise-read from the beginning at minimum of2,000 wpm for 5 minutes.

d Repeat this exercise when possible. e As 6g.

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