Models of perception brain mind

As recently as the 1950s the camera provided the model for our perception and mental imaging: the lens of the camera corresponded to the lens of the eye, and the photographic plate to the brain itself. See fig 39. This conception was held for some time but was very inadequate. You can confirm this inadequacy by doing the following exercises: in the way that one normally does when drowsily day-dreaming, close your eyes and imagine your favourite object. Having clearly registered the image on your inner eye, perform the following activities.

• Look at it from underneath

• Change its colour at least three times

• Move it away as if it were seen from a long distance

• Bring it close again ' •Make it gigantic •Make it tiny

• Totally change the shape of it

• Make it disappear

These feats can be performed without much difficulty; the apparatus and machinery of a camera could not even begin to perform them.

Fig 39 Contrary to earlier thought the brain operates in a much more complex manner than the camera. See text this page.
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