Dedicated to YOU

and to my beloved Mum and Dad, Jean and Gordon Buzan

With thanks to all those whose effort and co-operation enabled me to write this book:

Zita Albes; Astrid Andersen; Jeannie Beattie; Nick Beytes; Mark Brown; Joy Buttery; my brother, Barry Buzan; Bernard Chibnall;

Steve and Fanny Colling; Susan Crockford; Tricia Date; Charles Elton; Lorraine Gill; Bill Harris; Brian Helweg-Larsen; Thomas Jarlov; Trish Lillis; Hermione Lovell; Annette McGee; Joe McMahon; Khalid Ranjah; Auriol Roberts; Ian Rosenbloom; Caitrina Ni Shuilleabhain; Robert Millard Smith; Chris and Pat Stevens; Jan Streit; Christopher Tatham; Lee Taylor; Nancy Thomas; Sue Vaudin; Jim Ward; Bill Watts; Gillian Watts.

Mind and Memory Mastery

Mind and Memory Mastery

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