7heaven car

Imagine all the angels sitting on cars rather than clouds.

8 gate pencil

Imagine a gate made completely out of giant pencils rather than normal wood.

9 vine shirt

Imagine a vine as large as Jack in the Bean Stalk's bean stalk, and instead of leaves on the vine, hang it all over with brightly coloured shirts blowing in the wind.

10 hen poker Be vulgar!

Now fill in as many of the words as you can on the facing page.

With a little practice it would be possible to remember ten out of ten each time, even though using the same system. The words to be remembered can, like the clothes they were compared to, be taken off the hook and other clothes substituted. The words which must remain constant and which in any case are almost impossible to forget are the rhyming key words.

As mentioned earlier there are many other systems which are equally as easy to remember as this simple one but would take (and already have done) another book to explain. Ones which are particularly useful include the Major System, which enables recall of more than a thousand items in the manner of the Number-Rhyme System, as well as giving a key for memorising numbers and dates, and the Face-Name System which helps prevent the embarrassing and wide-spread habit of not being able to recall either the names or faces of people you have met.

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