Now that you have completed your initial thoughts, recheck the Alphabet Image Words, making sure you have started your words with the sound of the letter or letter-word and not simply the letter itself. For example, ant, bottle, case, dog and eddy would not be correct Alphabet System Image Words because they do not start with the sound of the letter as it is pronounced when you are reciting the alphabet. Having rechecked your own words, now compare them with the following list of suggestions, and when you have done so, select your final list.

A Ace

B Bee (the letter makes a word; this is the word that should be used in all cases)

C Sea (the same rule applies)

D Deed (legal, though the initials DDT may be preferred)

E Easel

F Effervesce

G Jeep (or jeans)

H H-bomb

I Eye

J Jay

K Cake

L Elastic (or elbow, if you pronounce elastic with a long e)

N Enamel (or entire, if you pronounce enamel with a long e)

O Oboe

P Pea

Q Queue

R Arch

S Eskimo

T Tea (or perhaps T-square)

U Yew

V Vehicle (or the initials VD) W WC

X X-ray

Y Wife

Z Z-bend

Now make your final choices and draw your images on the following pages.

Final Alphabet Image-Word Images

Letter Alphabet Image-Word Image

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