As before, I am going to offer a few alternative image ideas commonly used. Consider these and your own Key Rhyming Image Words, and select for each number, from 1 to 10, the one you consider to be best for you:

4 Door, moor, whore, boar, paw

5 Hive, jive, drive, dive, chive

6 Sticks, pricks, bricks, wicks, licks

7 Heaven, Devon

8 Bait, gate, weight, date, fate

9 Vine, wine, twine, line, dine 10 Hen, pen, den, wren, men

Having chosen the most appropriate Key Rhyming Image Word, draw your image, using as much imagination and colour as possible, in the space provided below.

Number Number-Rhyme Key Image 1

After you have finished reading this paragraph, test yourself with your chosen Key Rhyming Image. Close your eyes, and run through the numbers 1 to 10, projecting onto your inner screen a clear and brilliant picture of the Key Rhyming Image you have for each number. First, run through the system from 1 to 10 in the normal order; next, run through the system in reverse order; next, run through the system in random order; finally, pick the images 'out of the air', and connect the numbers to them. As you do each exercise, repeat it, making each repetition faster than the previous one, until you acquire such skill that your mind will instantaneously produce the image as soon as you think of the number. Spend at least five minutes on this exercise, starting now.

Now that you have mastered the Number-Rhyme System, you will see that it can be used in exactly the same way as the Number-Shape System.

Having learned both these systems, you have not only two separate 1 to 10 systems but also the makings of a system that allows you to remember twenty objects in standard sequence, reverse sequence and random sequence. All you have to do is to establish one of these two systems as the numbers from 1 to 10, letting the other system represent the numbers from 11 to 20. Decide which system you want to be which, and immediately put it to the test!

You will remember that chapter 2 contained two tests in which you were asked to memorise twenty items. The first of these tests could have been completed adequately by using the Link System, but the second was more difficult and required some form of basic Peg Memory System.

Now apply your knowledge of the Number-Shape and Number-Rhyme Systems to the more difficult of these two tests. Give yourself approximately five minutes to memorise the list, which is repeated at the end of this paragraph. When your time is up, read the instructions on page 59 and then fill in the answers.

1 Atom

2 Tree

3 Stethoscope

4 Sofa

5 Alley

6 Tile

7 Windscreen

8 Honey

9 Brush

10 Toothpaste

11 Glitter

12 Heater

13 Railway

14 Lighter

15 Wart

16 Star

17 Peace

18 Button

19 Pram

20 Pump

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