Visual Imagery

See it. People with a good visual memory can see things in their heads, and these memories stay long and firm in the hippocampus and frontal lobes, and can be retrieved later more easily. If you have this type of skill, you can use photographic or film techniques to boost your memory. The photographic technique is to consciously register each event as a photographic image in your brain, retaining all the elements as they actually occurred: the main person or centerpiece of the action plus all the surroundings. This strategy can be extended to the movie technique, because movies, after all, are a series of still images blending in sequence into one another. Some people have the ability to make up a story connecting various events and spin it into a movie sequence in their minds.

Visual imagery is much richer than verbal strategies where only the words are remembered and linked in some way. Unfortunately, only a minority of people have the aptitude, perhaps genetically inherited, to optimally use these visual imagery techniques.

Advanced Memory Techniques

Advanced Memory Techniques

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