Trace Elements To Take or Not To Take Them

Except for iron, all the heavy metals described in this section come under the category of "trace" elements because they are needed in microscopic quantities for normal bodily function. These metals can become toxic if taken in high doses. You may recall my earlier story about how my father's Parkinson's disease was going to be treated with an Ayurvedic heavy metal concoction, and I put a stop to it because of the potential for toxicity. Traces of lead, mercury, or arsenic, which are indistinguishable to the naked eye when mixed with other metals, can be extremely dangerous and even fatal. Therefore, if you plan to take a metallic supplement of any type, you must buy it from a reputed manufacturing source, preferably one with a national or international reputation.

As you've noticed, none of the trace metals made it into the Memory Program, largely because of the lack of systematic controlled studies with any of them.

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