Step 1 Identify Reversible Causes of Memory Loss

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I have started with reversible causes of memory loss for a very important reason. If you fall within the category of people with mild memory loss, identifying and treating these reversible causes, where a cure is often possible, should be your first step. A large minority of people with mild memory loss suffer from reversible causes, and it is absolutely essential to fix these causes first.

The following table outlines the most common reversible causes of memory loss, and describes typical symptoms and the main treatment approaches for the specific disorder. To avoid clutter, less common causes like drug abuse and infections are not listed in the table. The symptoms of many of these reversible causes are not restricted to memory loss but also include general cognitive and intellectual decline.

If you suffer from mild memory loss and think you may be suffering from a potentially reversible cause:

1. Carefully read the relevant chapter earlier in this book and institute the recommended measures.

2. If you're not sure about whether you have a reversible cause, go see your doctor. Diagnosis and treatment of some reversible causes require physician consultation.

Reversible Causes and Age-Related Memory Loss: The Domino Effect

Returning to an earlier point, some people develop mild memory loss for the first time in their sixties and seventies. Many of these people

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