Small Strokes Big Strokes

Blockage of the arteries supplying the heart is the most notorious action of fatty plaques, but these cholesterol-filled growths occur just as often in the brain. There are many narrow, crooked, tortuous blood vessels in the brain, and these curves and kinks become the danger points: fatty, cholesterol-filled plaques stick to the inside walls and grow in size until they slow down blood flow, then a blood clot gradually forms and eventually causes complete blockage. When their blood supply is cut off, the nerve cells die due to lack of glucose and oxygen: this is the most common form of stroke.

Unraveling Alzheimers Disease

Unraveling Alzheimers Disease

I leave absolutely nothing out! Everything that I learned about Alzheimer’s I share with you. This is the most comprehensive report on Alzheimer’s you will ever read. No stone is left unturned in this comprehensive report.

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