The word mnemonic comes from the Greek goddess Mnemosyne, who knew everything: past, present, and future. Therefore, loosely translated, mnemonics can be used to remember almost anything. The memory questionnaire in the first chapter had a section on how frequently you use mnemonics.

In the loci technique, you create an imaginary house and place items you need to remember in specific rooms, using visual imagery. The peg technique involves the mental use of pegs or anchors for each event, and is similar to the loci technique. To work well, the loci and peg techniques require both an aptitude for visual memory as well as considerable mental effort. Teenagers and young adults are able to take advantage of these methods better than middle-aged or older people.

I will now discuss simpler mnemonics that include associations or links, rhyming and letter association, imagery and visualization, chunking, and lists and memory assistants.

Memory Techniques

Memory Techniques

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